Hello, my name is Cindy

I’m a Belgian who loves to travel. Throughout all my travels, the innumerable trainings and courses are a thread full of wisdom and richness. I met the best teachers at all destinations and came back full of inspiration.

I passed many yoga techniques, experienced the most fantastic fire sessions and found inspiration during vision quests. I also learned shamanism at Alberto Villoldo in Chile and learned Ericksonian hypnosis at HappyCoach. I always want to discover new techniques to improve my own teaching skills and make my sessions even more interesting and effective.

I welcome you to my dream spot!


Your unique strength

I’m a passionate yoga teacher and coach. Health and exercise are the thread running through my life. I get people moving, both internally and externally.

My coachings are an invitation for body and mind to find your unique power beyond your comfort zone. My yoga classes are yin and yang, action and rest for both beginner and advanced.

My very greatest dream?

This has become reality with Seeds of silence: a place of my own in beautiful Portugal where healthy food, inner peace and yoga are central. A place where I can pass on knowledge and where visitors can take time for themselves in peace and quiet, to be able to face it again as reborn. My perfectionist side ensures that i’ll take care of your stay down to the last detail, so that you can enjoy every moment 100%.

My training courses