Hello, my name is Cindy

The Cindy you are getting to know today is connected to herself and to nature. She takes her time. She makes conscious decisions about what she does and does not want (anymore) in her life. Her life is all about awareness and guiding people to the power of their body and mind.

Ten years ago we would have given a totally different description of Cindy. Busy, always in a hurry and just making sure you get through the day and the big to do list that goes with it.

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Yoga and meditation

She could not keep up with all that pressure, and travelling was her counterbalance to that busy existence. During these trips, she got to know yoga and meditation. Back in Belgium, she wanted to know more about that. The coaching world also seemed to be fascinating. She followed many training courses. She transformed and collected tools to guide you in your process of growth and awareness.

She has successfully completed all these courses

Unexpected incident

After the purchase and before the major outbreak of Covid 19, something unexpected happened. A tick’s bite caused an inflammation of the brain and paralysis.

Cindy had already made a lot but this was the biggest challenge of her life. Being dependent, uncertain of the consequences and temporarily putting her dream on hold. It was difficult. But she did it. A new chapter in her own evolution. She retreated into the peace of Seeds of Silence. She combined the healing power of body and mind.

She is ready to share her place, her wisdom and her techniques with you. She works in groups (see yoga retreats) or individually (see individual retreats)

I welcome you to my dream spot!