Coaching sessions in an inspiring setting

Coaching is a skill in itself. Cindy’s knowledge of people, combined with focused listening and asking the right questions, will bring out your insights. You will find out what the most important obstacles are for you to continue.

During the sessions Cindy will provide you with valuable tools, based on knowledge, studies and techniques from different traditions. You will learn in a simple way how to apply these concrete techniques in your daily routine.

The coaching I followed at Cindy's has given me indescribable freedom. I had built up a wonderful career, but at the same time I had lost myself a little during the same period. During the coaching, Cindy made sure that I came back to my individuality, that I followed my heart and started my own business that I had been dreaming about for years. Thank you, Cindy, for this incredible experience.



In a coaching session, we tackle the obstacles that cause you anxiety through conversation. We create clarity in your head. In this way you can see your situation clearly again and you have room in your mind to think about solutions or a new approach. The freedom you gain after a coaching session offers insights you did not have before.

Price per coaching session: €60

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Perfect. Thanks so much for the help. You've helped me for miles, not steps.


Career coaching

Career coaching sets you on your way to find more peace and pleasure in your job. An enlightening conversation with specific questions gives you a different perspective, opens perspectives and brings clarity to your work situation.

Price per career coaching session: €60

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Energetic healing

In an energetic healing or holistic coaching we approach your complaints not only through conversation, but also in an energetic way. Besides our physical body, we all have an energy field that many are not aware of. Still, our energy pathways can have a lot of influence on how we feel.

In energetic healing Cindy focuses on that unconscious inner energy. With her hands she brings your balance back into balance. You feel reborn, experience your self-healing power and can go back against it. Together you succeed in letting your energy flow to the fullest and removing obstacles.

Price per energetic healing session: €60

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Energetic healing portugal


Our skin is perhaps our most sensitive part of the body, full of nerves. The slightest touch is transmitted to our brain, protecting us from pain or temperature.

But positive touch also has an enormous effect: during a massage, the substance serotonin – also known as the ‘lucky hormone’ – is released into our body. Serotonin makes us happy and calm. That’s why a massage can be so beneficial for both body and head.

Price per massage session: €60

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Also through the Reiki technique we work with the energy flows in your body. Things like an unprocessed setback can block your energy pathways, disturb your inner balance and cause physical or mental complaints.

By touching the hands we remove the blockages. But even if you don’t have any direct complaints, Reiki can be a satisfying experience, especially to let go of thoughts and tensions.

Price per session Reiki: €60

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