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Five tips to get through the winter: winter yoga & self care

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Winter. Nature seems to stand still. Time to go inside: literally, but also figuratively. Just like the plants and animals I feel the need to rest and slow down in winter, I instinctively want to return to myself and take good care of myself. And I also adjust my yoga routine: every season has its optimal postures and poses to keep the balance. In the winter it is Yin Yoga. With pleasure I share five tips to get through the winter in harmony.

1. Yin Yoga

In Chinese medicine, the element of water is central in winter. That’s why in yoga we pay extra attention to the linked kidney and bladder meridian. When these meridians are in balance, you feel an enormous driving force, wisdom and trust. If they are out of balance, you can experience fear and stress. The remedy: a firm portion of Yin Yoga.

Yin Yoga is static: we hold certain asanas for a long time, sometimes as long as five or ten minutes. Yin Yoga is good for the joints and connective tissue. It helps you relax, relax and reduce stress. Through the asanas we seek resistance in a certain part of our body, while we fully relax the rest of our body. Positions such as the Cobra, the Sphinx and the Cat Cow specifically stimulate the kidney and bladder meridian.

2. Breathe and let go

Feel tensions and stress take over, inhale deeply through the nose and out through the mouth. Let go: moan, pity and shout. You will see that it helps you to let go of the tensions and find peace in your head and body.

3. Keep it warm

When it’s cold outside, your body needs extra warmth. In winter, don’t eat raw food, but warm, savoury food. A pumpkin soup, a tea with ginger and lemon, an oven dish with sweet potato, … Don’t drink your water cold, but at room temperature or even warm. Put your lower back – your kidneys! – Extra in the cotton wool with a cherry pit cushion. Duffle on the couch under a blanket, and take a warm bath regularly.

4. Wintersleep

Unfortunately, for most of us hibernation is not an option, but adjusting our sleeping rhythm is an absolute must. Try to go to bed at nine o’clock every night – every hour before midnight counts double, you know – and get up at six. That way you can recharge your batteries and be ready to blossom again in spring and summer.

5. Purifying outdoor air

Even though winter is dominated by turning inward, don’t forget to come out every now and then. Look for nature, and try to pick up every ray of sunshine to boost your vitamin D levels. After that, you’ll enjoy that hot tea, that delicious blanket and that good cherry pit pillow all the more.