You are currently viewing Retreat Seeds of Silence Portugal 27/9 – 04/10

Retreat Seeds of Silence Portugal 27/9 – 04/10

NEW RETREAT. Resilience workshops and yoga, become the architect of your life!

This retreat offers you the chance to be more resilient in life. You will be inspired to work and live happier, better and more balanced. You become more aware of your own path in life, you learn to determine where you want to be within 10 or 20 years. The focus is on yourself, what you have in your hands, what you can influence yourself: your thoughts, your behaviour, your choices, your resilience. Give yourself this gift to become the ‘architect of your life’. This session continues in a light-hearted atmosphere full of humour and self-reflection.

Take control of your own life in a resilient way and become the ‘architect of your life’.

This retreat offers you the chance to break through your daily grind and rejuvenate in an oasis of tranquility. The beautiful nature allows time to stand still for a while, making focus on the now a celebration. You grow in consciousness by practicing yoga, meditation, mindfulness and by eating healthy fresh organic food we get to know our body and mind better.


  • You’ll totally relax, finally get some real rest.
  • A fantastic and relaxing environment in Portugal.
  • Several sessions to recharge your batteries: meditation, yoga and sound healing.
  • Elaborated planning with a day off to do your own thing.
  • A unique experience for anyone looking for growth and vitality.
  • Period: 27/9 – 4/10
  • Useful facts about nutrition, which you can use on a daily basis.

Sign up? or for more information or registration, or by telephone via Cindy 0498/122 156 or Brigitte 0474/87 61 14.

This retreat in Portugal costs 1420€ per person.

Surf to or

Be quick, because only 12 people can take this retreat.

Detox Portugal Seeds of Silence
Detox Portugal Seeds of Silence
Detox Portugal Seeds of Silence

Cindy and Brigitte know how to combine coaching and yoga like no other. During the workshops and the yoga we work together to strengthen your inner resilience.

Cindy Andries


“I’m a passionate yoga teacher and coach. Health and exercise are the thread running through my life. I get people moving, both internally and externally. My classes are yin and yang, action and rest for both beginner and advanced. They are an invitation for body and mind to find your unique power beyond your comfort zone.”


I am convinced that everyone has a unique life purpose and can live according to their highest potential. By being resilient in life, you stay on your own path even if the context makes it very challenging for you. From my background as a business psychologist, burn-out coach and inspiration coach, I enthusiastically guide you towards a better work-life balance. I trigger you with thoughtful thinking, fun exercises and for those who are open to it with visualization and meditation moments.

What can you expect?

For this enjoyable retreat we travel with a small group of maximum 12 participants to Portugal, where we stay in the boutique guesthouse & yoga center Seeds of Silence. Here you will find the inner peace you need. You are guaranteed to return home with tons of energy and a lot of insights about yourself. We stay in the middle of nature and make full use of our surroundings. The fully equipped yoga room will also be a place where you can completely unwind this week.

Yoga retreat portugal
Yoga retreat portugal

Every day we combine morning and evening relaxing sessions with delicious healthy breakfasts, lunches and evening meals. There is also a day off, where after breakfast you can take the e-bike and cycle to the fishing village or the beach. Or you can spend a day doing nothing with a book by the pool.

The price of the retreat is included:

  • Sessions in the morning and evening (Yoga yin yang, meditation, sound healing) workshop 5x resilience.
  • Breakfast, light lunch and dinner
  • Coffee, tea and water all day long
  • Free use of e-bike to explore the fantastic surroundings
  • 6 overnight stays in a double room
  • Transfer from Faro airport to our boutique guesthouse
  • The sun
  • Large heated swimming pool with honestybar
  • A day off in which breakfast is included.
  • 5 workshops resilience

Not included:

  • flight Belgium/Netherlands – Faro (from Brussels, Charleroi or Eindhoven with Transavia, TUIfly, Brussels Airlines, TAP Air Portugal or Ryanair – prices fluctuate in May between 150 and 250 euro)
  • alcoholic drinks
  • massages (optional to book)
  • Individual coaching (optional booking)
  • possible rental car