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That’s how I started a guesthouse in Portugal

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Everything started with a dream that had nested inside me. I noticed that I was very much attracted to foreign countries – witness the many trips I made. Every time I organized a yoga retreat abroad, I was fascinated by the beautiful locations and wonderful accommodations. I didn’t want a classic B&B, I wanted a dream home where I could give my guests something to carry with them when they return home. A seed that blossoms at home, a positive transformation. The idea of Seeds of silence took shape.

An all-destructive fire

Strangely enough, it was a terrible event that made me realize that I had to work on my dream in a concrete way. The motorcycle business that my husband and I had built up over the years burned to the ground in one night. The confrontation with the fact that your life can change in one second made me take action. The fire that destroyed everything was now the seed for something new.

The search begins

I started looking for a perfect location. For three years I travelled with the regularity of the clock to Spain and Portugal. But my demands were high: only the best was good enough.

What was on my list of conditions?

  • A place where peace and quiet reigns
  • A location with year-round nice weather
  • Sufficiently close to interesting sights
  • A short distance to the sea
  • Conveniently accessible from an airport
  • Water, silence & nature

When I visited the location of the former Monte Da Lua (now: Seeds of silence) in Portugal, I knew: this is it. This is the perfect picture for me. Everything I was looking for in a location, is there!

Oasis of tranquillity near idyllic fishing village

The place where Seeds of silence stands, is located in the middle of nature, in the quiet part of the Portuguese Algarve. If you get up at night, you will see a starry sky that makes you fall backwards. If you cycle five kilometres, you are in the beautiful nature reserve by the sea: Ria Formosa. This is surrounded by the idyllic fishing village of Olhão with its delightful fish restaurants and beaches. The accessibility of the guesthouse is also optimal: twenty minutes from Faro airport. So my decision was made: here comes a dream stay.

Seeds of Silence takes shape

The existing complex was already beautiful, but I want to make it completely perfect and modernise it, without touching the authentic architecture of the region. I built a new kitchen, new bathrooms, a fantastic yoga room and separate coaching rooms. Outside, I planted more trees and made the pool bigger.

Purpose of these renovations: to create even more zen and tranquility in what is already a quiet oasis, to make a home for all the guests who will stay here.

I love the soothing bohemian style with lots of white and use of natural materials and elements. I want to continue that style everywhere in the Seeds of silence interior.

Lots of work but so virtuous

After years of organizing yoga retreats myself in all corners of the world, this project feels like my absolute passion. A dream come true. Yes, there is a lot of work involved in starting up a guesthouse in Portugal, but it gives me an enormous energy boost. And I think that will have a contagious effect on the guests who will stay here.

See you soon!

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