Recharge your soul

8 days / 7 nights • 2-9 July 2022
Do you need to recharge your batteries and raise your energy levels? Then Seeds of Silence, located in the sunny Portuguese Algarve is the perfect place for you. During our Recharge your Soul retreat from 2 to 9 July, you will put yourself first and recharge your batteries in an idyllic location. You’ll reconnect with yourself in an oasis of calm and beautiful green surroundings with the occasional splash in the pool, an invigorating sauna session, fresh organic food, heavenly massages and daily yoga, meditation and mindfulness moments. Thanks to Cindy and Katie, you’ll return home after a week, feeling completely reborn in your body and mind.

PRICE 1.490€


  • Morning and evening sessions (Yin Yang Yoga, meditation, sound healing)
  • 1 invigorating massage session (2h)
  • Breakfast, snacks and supper
  • Coffee, tea and water, all day long
  • 7 nights in a luxurious double room
  • Transfer from Faro Airport to our boutique guest house
  • The sun, nature and silence
  • Large heated pool and our Honesty Bar
  • Sauna 1 session, cold splash bath
  • Electric bicycles


  • Flights from Belgium / Netherlands – Faro (There are flights from Brussels, Charleroi or Eindhoven with Transavia, TUIfly, Brussels Airlines, TAP Air Portugal or Ryanair. Prices in September fluctuate between € 150 and € 250)
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Extra massages (an option to book)
  • Individual coaching (an option to book)
  • Rentalcar
  • Transfer from Seeds of Silence back to the airport 

About Cindy

I’m a passionate yoga teacher and coach. Health and exercise play an important role in my life. I teach people how to transform their inner state, both mentally and physically. I bring Yin and Yang, action and rest, to both beginners and advanced. These moments of reflection are an invitation for your body and mind to find unique strength outside your comfort zone. For this, I use the Five Element Theory. Every stretch in your body is linked to an energy path. With the right movements and stretches, we remove all blockages and let the energy flow again. The connection between your mind and body and taking time for yourself are two of the most important pillars for a happy and healthy life. And I would like to make you experience that.

About Katie

 Katie helps you reconnect deeply with your body and mind thanks to her own aroma therapy massage oils and – not to forget – her magic hands. Tension, stress and blockages in the body disappear and your energy will start to flow abundantly again. Katie pampers you with a TuiNa massage that has its origins in Chinese medicine. The direct translation of TuiNa is “push and grab”. During this pressure point massage, the energy pathways (meridians) are stimulated. As a result, blockages disappear and the Qi (life energy) flows better. The massage warms and also ensures better circulation.

What does the Recharge your Soul Retreat involve?

We’ll travel to the Portuguese Algarve in a group of up to 12 people and stay at the boutique guest house Seeds of Silence. Everything is there is made so it gives you the necessary time to rest: cosy rooms, pool and sauna, areas where you can rest, a yoga shala. We’ll stay in this beautiful place while we’ll also explore the surrounding area. There will be a focus on healthy eating and its impact on your energy, your mood and your body. Every day we’ll combine relaxing morning and evening sessions with delicious healthy breakfasts, snacks and dinners. During the day we’ll organise optional excursions. You’ll get one massage (2h) with Katie during your stay one. Cindy’s active yoga classes will be perfectly complemented by Katie’s soothing therapy. Does this already sound like music to your ears? Then visit for more info and reservations.



Arrival and opening circle with Cindy and Katie with dinner afterwards

This retreat includes a 2h massage. On the day of arrival, we plan all massages of all participants so that everyone is sure to be treated during the week.


  • 8:15 smoothie
  • 8:30 yoga heart opener
  • 9:45 Breakfast / brunch
  • A free day when you can choose between a massage, a day at the pool, a bike or hiking trip
  • 18:00 sound healing and restorative yoga
  • 19:30 dinner


  • 8:15 smoothie
  • 8:30 mindfulness yoga
  • 9:45 breakfast
  • An afternoon with an activity of your choice: bike ride to Fuseta beach with lunch included
  • 18:00 yin yoga
  • 19:30 dinner
  • 21h mindful walk in silence


  • 8:15 smoothie in silence
  • 8:30 yoga in silence, yin yang flow
  • 9:45 breakfast in silence
  • A free day – you can choose between a massage, a day at the pool, a bike or hiking trip
  • 18:00 breathwork session and meditation
  • 19:30 dinner


  • Breakfast at 9am
  • A free day – with the option to choose from the following activities:
  • Visit a local town
  • Visit the beach or one of the islands
  • Visit Benagil Caves
  • Optional: a meal at a local restaurant


  • 8:15 smoothie
  • 8:30 workshop stress release
  • 9:45 breakfast
  • A free day – you’ll have the option to paddleboard to an island
  • 18:00 sound healing & Yoga Nidra
  • 19:30 Moroccan dinner with live music


  • 8:15 smoothie
  • 8:30 Yoga breathing focus detoxing your mind and body
  • 9:45 breakfast
  • A free day – with the option to choose from having a massage, a day at the pool or a bike or hiking trip
  • 17:00 closing circle with sauna and ice bath, Wim Hof breathwork
  • 19:30 dinner
  • Saturday

After a hearty breakfast and a few days packed with activities good for your body and soul, you will leave home feeling reborn.