Achieve inner peace with a session or arrangement

Seeds of silence is a boutique guesthouse, but also a yoga center. In addition to a glorious stay and a delicious breakfast, we really help you achieve the inner peace you need. You are guaranteed to return home with tons of energy and a lot of insights about yourself. Here you will learn concrete techniques that you can also use during busy days to find peace in your head.

From the overview below, you are free to compose your own program. You choose how light or intensive you approach it. Not quite sure? We are happy to help you!

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Are you a skilled yogi, or are you just taking your first yoga steps? Have you never experienced yoga before and don’t know what to expect? In our offer you will find yoga to everyone’s measure.

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With a coaching session we go deeper into a care, a problem or a blockage through conversation techniques. Step by step we dissect the layers of the problem and you will gain insights.

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Ericksian hypnosis

Ericksonian hypnosis is a way of communicating in which both your conscious and unconscious mind are addressed. This brings you closer to yourself and strengthens the relationship with your own unconscious. This helps for example in coping with traumas or overcoming fears.

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