Yoga at Seeds of Silence: balance your breath, body and mind

Yoga is a centuries-old vision of life that originated in India. Yoga literally means ‘connecting’ and that’s what it does: balancing breath, body and mind through postures and movements. Yoga is not a sport, but a complete philosophy of life. Still, practicing yoga provides more strength, body condition and suppleness.

Mentally, yoga also allows you to clear your head. Nothing is a coincidence with the yoga movements. Every action is aimed at making the energy in your body flow better. No wonder that the developers of mindfulness at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology adopted many techniques from yoga.

Book a yoga session during your stay

During your stay at Seeds of silence, book one or more individual yoga sessions in our soothing yoga room. The sessions are tailored to the level that suits you best: from gentle, quiet yoga to very active, spirited yoga. Cindy weaves in the sessions the most interesting techniques and tools from the different yoga styles she is trained in.

Cindy Andries
Elemental yoga portugal

Elemental Yoga

The seasons are the main source of inspiration for the elemental yoga sessions, in which the five elements are discussed each time. Elemental yoga is a fairly spicy form of yoga in which you quickly notice the results.

Price for an elemental yoga session: €60/hour

Reserve one or more elemental yoga sessions

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is a quiet, slow form of yoga. Asanas are held for a long time, up to five minutes, allowing you to reach a form of meditation. Because of the quiet movements and long postures, your energy paths are released and your joints become supple.

Price for a yin yoga session: €60/hour

Book one or more yin yoga sessions

Aerial Yoga or Hammock Yoga

This is an intense, but oh so satisfying form of yoga, where you let gravity do its work. By hanging in certain poses and holding those postures, supported by your own breathing, you challenge your body and mind to find peace in the ‘discomfort’, to relax and let go. During a session of hammock yoga you push your limits.

Price for a hammock yoga session: €60/hour

Book one or more sessions of hammock yoga

Yoga therapy

Yoga therapy is an individual session that focuses entirely on certain complaints or ailments you are struggling with. We tackle the problem in a holistic way, combining conversation and yoga movements with elements from Eastern medicine. The individual sessions of yoga therapy take place in our soothing yoga room. A place where you can be yourself safely, in trusted, calm and experienced hands of Cindy. From one session you will feel the results.

Price per session yoga therapy: €60/hour

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