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Do you want more than peace and quiet? If you want to use this time-out for your personal growth, choose a solo retreat.

solo retreat

Cindy will accompany you during your stay. She will be there for you. In “who is Cindy” you can read her story and how she has dealt with all the challenges in her life. This has led to an immense trust in the power of the body and mind working together. In any guidance she gives, you will find that the impact is noticeable physically, mentally and emotionally. Yoga is Cindy’s foundation, the start of her own awareness process and learning to connect with herself. She is versed in many forms of Yoga, from the gentle yin yoga to the more challenging elements Yoga. Combining movement with attention and awareness is the common thread. In this way you create space within yourself and in that space healing and transformation arise.

Cindy guides you with a mix of yoga, conscious breathing, with NLP and Ericksonian Hypnosis.

a mix of yoga, conscious breathing
with nlp and ericksonian hypnosis


neuro-linguistic programming
This model is about the power of patterns. Together with Cindy you will discover which patterns are no longer useful in your life. These can be emotional reactions to situations, thought patterns or behaviors on automatic pi- loot that don’t give you the results you want. With insight and exercises you can transform these patterns into new thoughts, new emotional reactions and new behaviors that fit who you are and want to be.


ericksonian hypnosis
Ericksonian Hypnosis is a very respectful way to communicate with your own unconscious mind. It is not Cindy who determines. Cindy creates an environment through which you have the opportunity to connect with all the wisdom and skill you have accumulated in your unconscious mind. This form of hypnosis is completely different from what you know from TV. You go into a trance from deep relaxation and you decide for yourself how deep you want to sink into it.


power of sound
Frequency therapy touches you on another level. Here Cindy works with the power of sound waves, clients and vibrations. The sound waves enter your energy field. They help you to let go of what you no longer need, to get your energy moving again. This makes an important contribution to your physical, human and emotional well-being. There are 2 ways of using them. The first is through a modern technological development of NEXi sound wave, this device is present at Seeds of Silence. The second way to use frequency therapy is with singing bowls. These bowls can also be found in Buddhist monasteries in the Himalayas. They are attuned to your chakras (energy centers) and thus make it possible to work very specifically on those places in your system that need the most attention for your healing and growth.

career vouchers

grants fromVDAB

If you have a question relating to your career, you may be able to get your guidance reimbursed with a career cheque. This is a subsidy from the VDAB for everyone who lives and works in Flanders.


Cindy has been working as a career coach for years in collaboration with Happy Coach, Emilie Depuydt, author of the book #BEYELLOW

you decide

your choices
You decide the intensity of your coaching. Do you like to start the day with a yoga session or do you prefer afternoon coaching, everything is possible! And of course there is still room to enjoy our oasis of tranquility and possibly discover the Algarve, if you feel like it.

solo retreat

Do you want to use a time-out for your personal growth?

Discuss all possibilities with Cindy