Seeds of Silence is the regular retreat of Emilie Depuydt, author of the book #BEYELLOW.
As a YELLOW coach, Cindy works according to the principles of this book.

#BEYELLOW is a process of finding the freedom to be yourself. All our lives we have accumulated beliefs and patterns and sometimes it is necessary to take a critical look at them. Do you still want to live from dependency or do you prefer independence?
Often our heads say that we want to be free, but something in us seems to be too preoccupied with others’ opinions or the fear of failure. Being free means knowing who you are and what you find important and having the courage to act accordingly.

The retreat that Emilie will give here in Seeds of Silence is called ‘Dare to choose’.

The book #BEYELLOW, being yourself without nonsense, is for sale with us.
Or via www.beyellow.today