Return to balance

Seeds of Silence is a place to find your balance again. Life is busy, there is a lot of stress, we have a lot to do. It’s tempting to eat unhealthy sometimes, to go to bed too late, to exercise too little. We understand that.

And with Seeds of Silence we want to give you the opportunity to find your peace again. To feel how your body and mind react to this re-source. Many forms are possible, from just being present to being intensely guided in a process of healing and awareness.

The right place

Cindy has spent years looking for the right place. In her own search for ‘who am I really?’ she has travelled extensively and has experienced the great impact a peaceful, friendly, warm, spacious and healthy environment has on our well-being. She literally travelled the world to land in the Algarve of Portugal. A place with a warm climate, beautiful nature, sea and friendliness.

Who is Cindy>

Seeds of Silence in Portugal

The first time she arrived on the grounds of Seeds of Silence, her body reacted with openness and warmth. She knew. This place would not only become important for her, but for many others. She is happy, proud and grateful that she can receive you here. She spared no effort to create colour, to provide comfort. Swimming pool, sauna, private bathrooms, outdoor bar, several lounge areas in the shade and sun, massage room, outdoor yoga area.