Retreat: Healthy relax weekend in nature 1-3 Oktober


Essence of this retreat

Yoga and meditation, tasty fresh and organic food and a warm atmosphere.

No busy schedule, but taking time. Time for yourself, for each other and for the environment.

Who will guide you?

Barbara and Cindy provide you with a wonderful, relaxing weekend.

CIndy a passionate yoga teacher and coach. Health and movement are the thread in my life. I bring people into movement, physically and mentally.
Her yoga classes are yin and yang, action and rest for both beginner and advanced. They are an invitation to find your unique power, beyond your comfort zone. Here she uses the 5 elements teachings. Every stretch in your body is linked to an energy pathway. Moving and stretching makes energy flow (again).

Your connection with your body and your mind is one of the most important pillars for a happy and healthy life. Therefore she combines yoga with meditation, mindfulness and sound healing.

Barbara is a qualified natural nutritionist with her own practice ‘FoodGood’ in Ruddervoorde (Belgium). She is passionate about healthy and tasty food that makes you strong and happy from the inside out. She guides you in a passionate way how to use nutrition on your way to a healthy weight and an increase of your energy level. She teaches you how to eat differently and enjoy it.


Oostkamp, Huize De Meersen. A place where nature, culture and time for each other come together.

This luxurious holiday home will be completely for us this weekend. We promise you, you have no worries whatsoever. Not “what do we eat?” or “is there any toilet paper left?”,… That is all taken care of for you! To be pampered, that is your task.

You sleep separately in a bed and you have your own bathroom at your disposal. This holiday home is located in the Meersen nature reserve and within cycling distance of Bruges.

The panoramic view over fields and meadows, all terraces in the evening and morning sun and the cosy group room ensure that this weekend you will be immersed in peace, quiet, warmth, atmosphere and conviviality.

You can walk for miles with route maps in your hand.

Individual revitalising, enjoying our oasis of calm

Do you want to pack your bags and come here? Feel free to do so!
We are here for you.
This place is made for it. You can enjoy the sauna, the swimming pool, the fantastic surroundings, the kitchen, the e-bikes.

We accept a maximum of two guests on the premises, so peace and quiet are guaranteed.

You can choose a formula with or without food.

If you choose not to eat, there is the possibility to do some shopping with Cindy. She will take you to the supermarket so that you can do your first big shopping. After that, it is easy to get some more stuff on the e-bike.
The kitchen and all its appliances are at your disposal.

You can also opt for the formula with food, in which case breakfast, lunch and dinner will be provided for you.

What does the day look like?

In the morning you will enjoy gentle yoga followed by a delicious organic breakfast. In the afternoon a healthy light lunch and in the evening yoga again and we conclude the evenings with a dinner, lovingly prepared by Barbara.

What guidance?

Cindy is ready to support you so that you can come to rest. She offers yoga classes, massages, energetic work, Ericksonian Hypnosis and coaching. When you book your stay, Cindy will call you to listen to your question. Based on this, she will make a proposal which form of coaching will help you the most.

You choose the intensity. Do you want one hour a day or more? Tell her and she will make you a tailor-made proposal.

Price for stay

Without food € 160.00/night with breakfast
With food € 220.00/night full board

Price for guidance

Cindy will make you a tailor-made proposal after the intake.

If your coaching question is related to your career, you can pay for the coaching (not the stay!) with career cheques (logo of career cheques. Cindy works as a career coach in cooperation with Happy Coach.