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Group Yoga Retreats

You prefer to enjoy yoga in group? Then our group yoga retreats are ideal for you. The guest teacher provides a unique energy during the group retreat. During this yoga retreat, you can relax, delve further into yoga, and connect with your inner self. Whether you are a beginning or an advanced yogi, dive into our upcoming yoga retreats, and find the program that suits you.

Available dates

Upcoming retreats

Small Group Retreats

07/04/2024 to 11/04/2024 – 4 nights – Complete

28/04/2024 to 02/05/2024 – 4 nights – Complete

17/05/2024 to 21/05/2024 – 4 nights – Complete

07/06/2024 to 11/06/2024 – 4 nights – complete

15/09/2024 to 19/09/2024 – 4 nights – Complete

Bali Retreat

26/10/2024 to 02/11/2024 – 7 nights – Complete

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