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Meet Cindy, inspirer of Seeds of Silence

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Nature lover. Dreamer. Epicurean. That’s how you could describe Cindy, the inspirer of Seeds of Silence. As a holistic life coach, Cindy uses yoga, bodywork, hypnosis, breathwork and her own life experiences in her treatments. Cindy has dedicated her life to guiding people to a stronger awareness of their bodies and minds. Cindy helps you create space so you can go inward with your attention and explore what you really need.

Cindy's story

A blessing in disguise

Meeting Cindy today, you would never guess that she was still racing through life 10 years ago. Together with her husband Nico, she ran a successful motorcycle business until disaster struck in 2015. A short circuit caused the business and their home to go up in flames. ‘A defining moment.’ The entrepreneurial couple did not sit back and soon a new business was resurrected. Cindy now sees the fire as a new opportunity. A blessing in disguise. In fact, in addition to the motorcycle business, she had another passion: yoga and meditation. Cindy began teaching yoga classes and built her own practice as a holistic life coach. Together with other coaches, she organized her first retreats. Soon after, she started dreaming about opening her own luxury retreat center abroad. In 2019, Cindy bought her own B&B in the Algarve. Today, Seeds of Silence symbolizes beauty, silence and peace.

Peace and quiet as a healing process

But once again fate struck. A tick bite caused an infection in Cindy's brain resulting in paralysis. Her life hung by a thread and the medical community watched helplessly. The more she fought, the less it seemed to work. Therefore, Cindy ultimately chose the path of acceptance.

For 4 months, Cindy retreated to her cocoon in Portugal. She lived to the rhythm of her body with silence and nature as her only company. That worked beneficially. Cindy's body recovered thanks to a combination of rest, yoga, meditation, breathing exercises and healthy eating. This healing process inspired Cindy in her approach at Seeds of Silence: restoring the balance of your body and mind through self-care, all in a beautiful peaceful and sunny setting.


Cindy’s background

We often find our destiny
in the path we take to avoid it

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