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Bali Retreat


Bali Retreat

Find inner peace

Always keep going. Be strong. Persevere. Does this sound familiar? Sometimes enough is enough. You deserve real rest, in a heavenly paradise away from the daily hustle and bustle, surrounded by beautiful nature, good food and great company.

Put yourself first during our Bali Retreat. In this beautiful oasis of calm, recharge your batteries with relaxing yoga sessions, healing ceremonies, breathwork, meditations and much more. Return home reborn!

Voorbeeld van een shala in Swasti Bali, waar het Bali Retreat van Seeds of Silence doorgaat
Bali retreat


Bali Retreat, a paradise for body and mind

During the Bali Retreat we take you to Swasti Bali, a wonderful paradise where you can unwind completely. Together with up to 11 other attendees, you can immerse yourself in the perfect mix of different types of yoga, breathwork and healing ceremonies.

You will pamper your body not only with yoga and other sessions, but also with delicious meals from the extensive buffet. Thanks to this total package, you can return home fully rested and recharged, ready to take on the world again.

Food & drinks

The power of healthy meals

During the Bali Retreat, we focus on fresh and organic meals. Ingredients are grown in Swasti Bali’s backyard and are lovingly tranformed into healing, strengthening dishes. In the process, the chefs avoid using sugar and potatoes as much as possible, instead offering local alternatives.

Every bite has been well thought out, and each dish is a gift to your body. Enjoy the extensive buffets and blissful drinks, and learn to appreciate honest food again.

Practical details

Available dates and prices

The Bali Retreat takes place this fall:

26/10/2024 to 02/11/2024 – 7 nights – from € 1,270 – COMPLETE

Would you like to participate with a friend or partner? Then you can share a room. The price comes down to € 1,270 per person for a Balinese room with twin bed, and € 1,375 for a traditional bungalow with twin beds.

Do you prefer to sleep alone? You can do so for € 1,570 for a Balinese room, and € 1,775 for an authentic bungalow.

Want to book your stay? Fill in the form or send an email to cindy@seedsofsilence.com. You pay a 50% deposit upon booking, and the remaining amount in June 2024.

You can find more information about the check-in and check-out in the program below.

Discover the tranquility of Bali

Peace for body and soul

What are you getting for sure?

  • Water
  • A fresh cup of tea every morning
  • 7 breakfast buffets and 5 evening meals
  • Visit to a temple
  • Morning and evening sessions (light & sound vibration, laughing yoga, breathwork, hypnotherapy)
  • Healing ceremonies (waterfall ceremony, fire ceremony, water blessing)
  • The kitchen focuses on healthy and organic food, freshly prepared on site
  • Overnight stays in a luxurious room or bungalow
  • Sun, nature and peace as your best company
  • Lovely saltwater swimming pool

What is not included?

  • Flights to and from Denpasar
  • Taxi to and from the airport (if required, the hotel will arrange this for around € 35)
  • Transport in Bali
  • 2 evening meals (see program below)
  • Lunch
  • Other drinks, apart from water and morning tea, are at your own expense
  • Extra nights, if desired
  • Additional excursions such as e-bike tours, trekking, rafting or the hot springs. You can book these in addition to the included activities.

Tip: this can always come in handy

  • An eye mask for our breathwork sessions
  • A refillable water bottle, always handy for refilling water
  • Mosquito spray, so you don’t get stung
  • For travelling in Bali, it’s best to install the GRAB app to easily order a ride. The price is always clearly displayed and afterwards, you can pay in cash.


Program of the Bali Retreat

After arriving at Swasti Bali, we attend a welcome ceremony with water blessing. We end the day with a delicious meal and get to know each other.

This day is all about relaxation and self-love.

  • 08.30 a.m.: After a rejuvenating night, we start the day with a yoga session. Cindy will guide you through a mix of kundalini, Qgong flow, vinyasa and breathwork.
  • 09:45 a.m.: After this first session, you can discover all the delights of the breakfast buffet. You have the rest of the morning and afternoon free.
  • 6.30 p.m.: In the evening, we really make time for ourselves with a hypnotherapy session on self-love. This will help you connect with yourself and teach you to love yourself more.
  • 7.30 p.m.: We end the day with a delicious buffet.

The third day brings us happiness and teaches us to let go.

  • 08.30 a.m.: Start your day with a smile! Laughing Yoga is a joyful and energetic way to relax. Together with the group, you will do laughing exercises to reduce your stress and create a positive atmosphere.
  • 09.45 a.m.: Refuel energy with a varied selection of breakfast dishes during the delicious breakfast buffet. Afterwards, you will have time for yourself. Explore the surroundings, read a book, relax by the pool or take part in optional activities, completely without obligation.
  • – 6.30 p.m.: We close the day with a meaningful fire ceremony. This ritual provides an opportunity to release negative thoughts and purify or transform this bad energy into something positive.
  • 7:45 p.m.: After the fire ceremony, we will let ourselves be pampered culinarily with a sumptuous dinner buffet. Taste the local specialties and enjoy a nice meal in good company.

Today we are purified and can reflect serenely.

  • 08.30 a.m.: We start the day with breathing exercises to increase awareness and inner peace. Breathwork helps to calm down and prepare us for the day ahead.
  • 09:45 a.m.: Once we are fully relaxed, we can enjoy a rich breakfast buffet.
  • 12 p.m.: The afternoon is all about purification and spiritual connection. We purify ourselves during a purification ceremony at the waterfalls and then we reflect during a visit to a local temple.
  • 6.30 p.m.: After a day of activities, we opt for rest and recuperation with restorative yoga. This gentle yoga form helps you release tension.
  • 7.30 p.m.: The choice is yours! Enjoy the free time to shape your own evening. Whether you choose for a relaxed dinner at the restaurant or another activity, you can go all out tonight.

After all the relaxation of the past few days, we will now really let go of our worries.

  • 08.30 a.m.: We start the morning with an uplifting session of Yoga Q Flow. Together we move smoothly through various poses, activating our bodies and relaxing our minds.
  • 09.45 a.m.: After yoga, we enjoy a delicious breakfast buffet. You are free for the rest of the morning and afternoon. This is an opportunity to relax, explore the surroundings, or choose from optional activities.
  • 6.30 p.m.: In the evening, we will gather again for a session of Yoga Nidra, where we will learn to release physical and mental tension.
  • 7.30 p.m.: The evening is all about culinary delights and cultural entertainment. We will be treated to a Balinese barbecue and a traditional Balinese dance performance, reflecting the island’s rich culture.

This day is all about our senses.

  • 08.30 a.m.: Our day starts with a refreshing breathwork session that revitalizes our mind and body.
  • 09.30 a.m.: After the breathwork session, we have a choice of several delicious dishes to recharge our energy and start the day off right.
  • 1:00 p.m.: In the afternoon, we explore the mystical Pyramids of Chi. Here, we participate in a healing session of light, sound and vibration that lasts 1.5 hours. This experience is designed to promote harmony and balance in our well-being.
  • You can fill in the rest of the afternoon as you wish. Even for dinner, you can choose what will delight you most.

We round off the retreat with a day of complete self-realization.

  • 08.30 a.m.: We start the day with an inspiring Yoga 5 Elements Class. Together we immerse ourselves in the five elements – earth, water, fire, air and ether – to promote balance and harmony within ourselves.
  • 09.45 a.m.: After the invigorating yoga session, we will gather for a delicious breakfast buffet, after which you are free to make the day your own.
  • 6.30 p.m.: At the end of the day, we will gather in a Closing Circle. This is a moment of reflection, where we share the experiences of this retreat and strengthen the connection with each other.
  • 7:30 p.m.: We will spend the evening with a special dinner at a different location. We will have the chance to explore local cuisine and enjoy a culinary experience outside the usual setting.

On your last day, we have breakfast together for the last time until 10.30 a.m. After that, you can pack up and head home peacefully, or continue enjoying the island if you have booked a few more nights. Either way, your mental and physical batteries will be fully recharged after this retreat.

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