Happy souls

What a wonderful place to just let go of everything… the fun yoga and breathwork classes, the beautiful, serene surroundings, the good care of Cindy and her team make you feel away from it all and yet at home. The brunch is truly indescribable, looks like a picture and is sooo delicious… The massage was the icing on the cake. A gift to myself…. Till next year 😉


From the moment I came through the gate of Seeds of Silence, I was flooded with a very pleasant feeling of peace and warmth. The journey I have been on has been fantastic and life-changing for me. I could not have dreamt this beforehand. The guidance and attention to me as a human being has been heartwarming and I will never forget. Each and every one of you are truly amazing!


l enjoyed a magical retreat at Seeds of Silence. For four days, a small group of five of us were treated to powerful breathwork and yoga sessions thoughtfully and expertly delivered by Cindy. I also had the opportunity to have a coaching session with Cindy and found her to be intuitive and skilled at helping me address important personal and business life milestones. The food – all vegetarian – was delicious and always sooo beautifully presented and l have to say each meal we had there was an event in and of itself. It being that time of year in the Algarve, we had great weather so lots of my free time was spent outdoors relaxing by the saltwater pool, boating on the Ria Formosa and, when l wanted it, quiet alone time by myself to read and contemplate in any number of idyllic spots both outdoors and indoors across the gorgeous property. Wish l could have stayed longer. Cindy and her wonderful team treated us like queens. There really is something to be said for small, intimate group retreats – the attention you get (if you want it) and the opportunity for a proper reset and switch off in the serene beauty of this lovely place can’t be beaten.


This was my first yoga retreat, and I think I don’t need to look for other retreats in the future. This retreat has everything: a beautiful environment, a great vibe, friendly people (with whom I could practice Portuguese), a doggy, delicious healthy food (lots of vegan options, which was perfect for me), excellent and modern private accommodation, plenty of relaxation options (sauna, pool, yoga & breathwork sessions, massages, fitness, e-bikes to reach the nearest town and beach within 30 minutes) and most importantly, many comfortable seating and lounging areas in the garden and the house. Cindy has beautifully designed her ‘estate’ over the years, with stunning international artworks. Each corner has its own story and positive atmosphere. I haven’t even had the chance to try out all the relaxation spots! Maybe next time 🙂 I can recommend this retreat to anyone, look no further!


I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from this yoga retreat since it was my first time trying something like this. However, after 5 days at this oasis of love and tranquility, I can only say that I couldn’t have made a better choice. Cindy and her team went above and beyond from the start to make everyone feel at home and provided with all the luxuries. You feel welcome and can fully focus on relaxing. If I could, I would give this experience 6 out of 5 stars.


Seeds of Silence in one word: Abundance!! With a capital A! What an amazing retreat. This place simply breathes abundance! Delicious food, beautiful corners to retreat in the stunning garden, intense sessions: breathwork, yoga, tai chi, qigong, sound healing. Cindy has poured so much love into this place, you can feel it, taste it, see it, experience it! Every detail is taken care of! This retreat and the impact it had will stay with me for a long time. I’m very grateful that Seeds of Silence came into my life! A layer of my onion has remained in Portugal. Thank you very, very, very much, Cindy!


From the moment you arrive at the Boutique resort, you’ll find yourself in a beautiful oasis of tranquility. The rooms are well-equipped, and the swimming pool and various seating areas are very comfortable. Cindy is an incredibly warm and lovely hostess with extensive experience in yoga, breathwork and everything related to relaxation. She also has an eye for aesthetics. The food during this retreat is phenomenal and the program perfectly balanced. In addition to the sessions, there is ample time to do what you like and work on self-development. I can only recommend a retreat at Seeds of Silence, truly the jewel of the Algarve. It has brought me a lot, and I cherish this fantastic experience.


I enjoyed five amazing days to the fullest at this gem in the Algarve! Cindy knows how to gather the right people to give every guest an incredibly warm and pleasant feeling. The yoga and breathwork sessions are tailored to the participants with a lot of personal attention. Furthermore, Cindy’s team consists of skilled and warm-hearted people who go above and beyond to make your stay enjoyable and relaxing. Highly recommended for those seeking a deeper experience than typical yoga retreats and wishing to indulge in fantastic food and warm hospitality.


After 1 session, the pressure on my body was seriously reduced, and I feel much lighter physically and mentally. Thanks for this 🙏. It feels like im walking on a cloud and even notice that I regularly unconsciously inhale and exhale deeply, thinking “I have faith.” I am already looking forward to our next session! 


What a great holiday so far. Thanks to our host Cindy and her golden tips. It was amazing to meet Cindy. A wonderful woman with a golden heart! The accommodation, the breakfast that kept us going the whole day, the pleasant conversations, the great tips and tricks… We can’t thank Cindy enough for making this last week the highlight of our trip. 

A happy soul

As promised, I found peace at this beautiful place in the Algarve. Cindy has decorated the location beautifully, and it is excellently cared for, making you feel like you are in paradise. The rooms were very nice, and the beds were wonderful. The staff was very friendly. They are also very helpful if you want to explore the area; it is great that you can use the e-bikes. The yoga classes and breathwork were unique and very valuable. I think this retreat will stay with me for a long time, and the insights I gained here will help me in my life.


I recently visited Seeds of Silence, and it was truly an amazing experience! My friend and I spent 3 days here, and the treatments were exceptional. My friend had a fantastic massage by Katie, while Cindy herself also offered incredible treatments. We practiced yoga with Cindy, which was unique and enjoyable. The peaceful ambiance of the place, coupled with Cindy’s warm and friendly nature, made us feel so welcome. The team, especially Denise, the cook, who prepared delicious organic food, and Rosaria, who took care of spotless rooms, were wonderful. We can’t wait to return to this tranquil retreat. Highly recommended for anyone seeking relaxation and escapism. 

A happy soul

As of the 1st moment, I felt the security and warmth. Seeds of Silence: a little paradise full of connection. From exploring nature to daring to stand still again. Thanks for the yoga sessions, delicious food, inner peace, music, boat trip, the 20 minute bike rides, intense breathworks,…. But most of all thank you for making me feel again. With the help of your strength, I was able to let go a bit more and find an important part of myself again. I am proud of my strength and who I am. I’ll continue to water the seed. Thank you for everything. Seeds of Silence has a deep place in my hart. 


A wonderful experience that I highly recommend if you want to find yourself again and rediscover your inner strength! The top quality coaching, the healing yoga and breathwork, the peace and relaxation,… and not to mention the food is very very good. 


Seeds of Silence is a piece of paradise in the Algarve. You are welcomed with so much love. Cindy and her team make sure you will not lack anything: healthy food for body and mind, and yoga, breathwork and other workshops of top quality. Pure indulgence! I will return here! 


The gift of the Seeds of Silence Small Group retreat to myself is one of the best things I have done in my life. I have been on many retreats around the world but what Cindy has created here is both nurturing and nourishing for the body and soul. The path to return to this sanctuary in a beautiful part of Portugal will remain a constant in my life.  

A happy soul

What I experienced during the Small Group Retreat is indescribable. I went through such a tough period in late 2022, early 2023, and I finally found myself again after a week at Seeds of Silence, thanks to Cindy’s amazing work and the soothing conversations with the people who were there. I am truly ‘back in my own shoes’ now, and knowing where I come from, I am really proud of myself! 


Thank you for my stay in Seeds of Silence. It’s all in your name: Seeds of Silence. Each letter is a planted seed which grows from all of those in my mind, body and soul. I’m so grateful. 


What a fantastic place! An oasis of relaxation, a fantastic location and top-notch care. The location, setting and Cindy totally captivated me. I really recommend this place and will definitely return here.  


Thank you for this amazing retreat. You are an incredible person with so much strength and love inside of you. I was truly touched by your life story and I’m so impressed by your strength and wisdom. The world needs more people like you. 


A 1000x thanks for the past week. Let go of what is in the past, you don’t know what the future holds, live in the now. I already feel I peeled some layers off my onion. Thanks to you, me and our journey last week. Fate made it a solo retreat. I believe with good reason. Through this way, I once again want to let you know that I will stand in my power, with an open heart in my yellow egg. You have a place in my heart and I will not forget you on my path. 

A happy soul

All the details match: the accommodation, the personal attention, the incredibly delicious and healthy food (for example, no sugar is added to anything), the peace and quiet and the area. 


The perfect place to recharge, unwind, eat healthy food and come home. Kudos to Cindy for her hospitality. 


Seeds of Silence is an authentic, peaceful, and loving sanctuary where you can recharge your energy and find the intention to succeed. Cindy’s mastery of 5-star yoga, breathwork, sound healing, massage, and nutrition programs is truly remarkable. Can’t wait to return! 

Ana Rita