Breathwork: time to take a breather

Up and down.

In and out.

Your breath is always there. All day long, every day of your life. But do you ever stop to think about the way you breathe?

Your breathing doesn’t just keep you alive. It is a powerful tool to heal your body, find your focus, or simply unwind. Think of it as your own dose of therapy, just in your back pocket. Or even better: inside yourself.

In this blog, you will discover:

  1. What breathwork is
  2. How it heals you
  3. How to get started with breathwork
  4. Its benefits

Breathwork starts with your experiences and emotions

Everyone is constantly experiencing things. Pleasant and unpleasant experiences, which also create emotions and feelings. Most people enjoy sharing feelings of joy, pride and love with anyone who wants to hear, while emotions like fear, sadness or anger tend to be shown less often.

Social media are the perfect example of this. We are only too happy to share pictures of our ‘fantastic lives’ when things are going our way, while tears, anxiety and anger often remain behind the scenes.

“Is that a problem?”, we can hear you wonder. We understand that it takes a lot of courage to show others the most vulnerable part of yourself. Especially on social media. But when emotions (especially the negative ones) are pushed away or suppressed, they get stuck in your body, where they cause complaints such as stress, headaches, stomach aches, insomnia, anxiety and so on. And that is the real problem here.

Breathwork heals

When you struggle with emotions that have become stuck in your body, breathwork can come in handy Breathwork is the umbrella term for everything that has to do with or focuses on your breathing. It has been used for centuries to release emotional blockages and restore the free flow of your energy.

The great thing is that breathwork acts on different levels of your body.

  • On a physical level by reducing tension in your body.
  • On an emotional level by releasing your emotions.
  • Mentally by calming your mind.
  • And on a spiritual level by connecting with your inner self and restoring your energy balance.

Breathwork is ideal if you are struggling with complaints like stress, anxiety, panic attacks, fatigue, sleep problems, burnout, depression, … etc.

Getting started with breathwork

Do you suffer from negative emotions or tension? A breathwork session at Seeds of Silence can bring healing. During these sessions, Cindy offers a safe environment where you can use breathing techniques to reach a deep state of relaxation. This allows you to pay attention to the trapped emotions or feelings that cause blockages, so you can make room to release them.

Because you connect more deeply with yourself during a breathwork session, you will experience insights, energy and emotions you have never considered before. What does your subconscious self have to share?

You will be given solutions and answers and become your own private coach and healer. Because who knows better what you need than you?

The benefits of breathwork

Thanks to breathwork, you break the negative spiral of tension and stuck emotions that dominate your life. You take back control of your own body and life.

Thanks to breathwork,

  • you feel less tired, more rested and more energetic;
  • you find it easier to relax, both physically and mentally;
  • you understand your needs better;
  • you respect your limits, and you stop others from crossing those limits too;
  • you are aware of your self-limiting thoughts and you know your pitfalls;
  • you recognise the symptoms of stress and you know when to take a break;
  • and much more.

Breathwork is such an individual process that it can bring something different to everyone. Are you struggling with negative feelings? Do you struggle with stress, tension, anxiety or a mind that feels too full? Don’t hesitate to get in touch. Coach Cindy is happy to help you attain a more beautiful and positive life full of self-love.

We often find our destiny
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