Living in the present moment, here’s how you do it!

Do you ever pause to consider the here and now?

Right at this moment, for example, as you read this?

Or are you already thinking about your next to-do while your thoughts wander?

In that case, it’s a shame if you missed this moment because you can’t relive it.

If you continue like this, your life will rush by like a speeding train, without the chance to appreciate both the enjoyable and less pleasant moments.

Pressing the pause button for a second, taking a breath, and entering the present moment in silence is crucial for your happiness.

So let’s explore how you can fully live in the now. 

Why living in the moment is pivotal to your happiness

Who picks up the kids from school? Who will run the errands? What’s on the menu tonight? And will my partner be home in time to take our oldest to music school? Typically, our minds are so full that there is no room to listen.

I (coach Cindy) remember a time when I was travelling the world, completely unaware of where I was or what I was doing.

Then, on an island in Thailand, I met a yoga teacher who taught me to meditate. I felt tremendous resistance, because sitting still, breathing and being silent didn’t come naturally to me. Nevertheless, at the beginning and end of each class, I had to sit quietly, listen, and breathe. I found it challenging.

However, by finally sitting still and making space, you can truly listen. Meditation isn’t about deep thinking or creating new ideas. On the contrary, it’s about disconnecting from it all for a while.

Pressing the pause button, breathing and entering the present moment in silence have a profound impact on your happiness.


The past is already behind you. And no one is truly certain about the future. So, living in the present is essential. Being happy is something you must do NOW.

How do you go about living in the moment?

Good news: you don’t have to move into a cabin in the middle of a forest to learn how to live in the present. It has nothing to do with withdrawing from society.

It’s more about experiencing the moment, observing your breath, feeling your body, noticing your emotions, and knowing where you are at the moment, whether you’re sitting, lying down, or walking.

Let’s take a very practical example: where are your thoughts when you’re doing the dishes?

Do you feel every movement?
Do you sense the weight of the plate you are washing?
Are you aware of your breathing?

Do you often catch yourself – lost in thought – during the dishes or any other activity? That’s not necessarily a bad thing. Our thoughts can be very functional. We come up with solutions or action plans to achieve something, and that is wonderful.

At the same time, our thoughts can be the source of worries and busyness. As a result, your mind wanders, and you’re no longer living in the present. You feel tension, stress and can’t experience true joy.

So, do you notice your thoughts drifting? Then return to the moment, like during the dishes. Feel the movements, the temperature of the water, the foam on your hands, the texture of the sponge, the scent of the soap. Notice how your body is slightly bent forward and how your breathing responds to it.

Then, carry this awareness into everything you do. Stop scrolling during breakfast and enjoy your bowl of yoghurt, relax under a refreshing shower, or derive energy from quality time with your children.

At first, this may be challenging, and you may catch your thoughts wandering sometimes. That’s okay. Practice makes perfect. By taking it step by step and doing one thing at a time, while trusting your pace, you can consciously be present in everything you do. The only golden rule is to put all your attention in the moment.

Breath of joy: Exercise to embrace the present moment

Struggle with being present? Below, I’ll share an exercise to bring you back into the moment.

It’s a breathing exercise called ‘Breath of joy’. It takes just 2 minutes, reduces overthinking, and provides mental clarity.

This meditation involves inhaling and exhaling through the nose while incorporating specific movements:

  • Stand upright and relaxed with your hands by your sides.
  • Inhale as you sweep your arms out to the sides, reaching shoulder height, like a bird spreading its wings.
  • Exhale as you lower your arms back in line with your upper body.
  • Inhale again and extend your arms straight out in front of you.
  • Exhale as you lower them back down alongside your body.
  • On the third inhale, reach your arms high above your head.
  • Exhale as you lower them back down alongside your body.
  • Repeat this sequence rapidly for 2 minutes.

Feel free to focus your attention on the word ‘joy’ during this exercise. If you feel the need for something else, shift your focus accordingly. A few examples are gratitude, joy, confidence, strength, etc.

This movement, combined with conscious breathing and focus helps release worries from your mind, making space for joy and happiness!

Do you want to live more in the moment?

Do you need guidance to embrace the present moment more fully? Then coach Cindy is here to assist you. This can be done with meditation, breathwork, mindfulness or in another way that suits you.

Take a look at our treatments and contact us to schedule your first appointment.

We often find our destiny
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