Anyone can coach. Can’t they?

It seems like half the population calls themselves coaches today. You even have cleanup and moving coaches. Now, I am absolutely in favor of you coaching. A coach helps you organize your thoughts, helps you choose direction, holds up a mirror to you through the right questions, which leads you to conclusions you wouldn’t have reached otherwise. So: totally pro coaching here. But how do you know if a coach will be good?

A good connection

Scientific research shows that it is mainly the “click” you have with your coach that determines whether the coaching will be successful – in addition to the right education, background and skills, of course.

When you visit a coach, you mainly want to feel trust and safety. Only then can you be open to change or look at your behavior.

Coaches who are therefore empathetic and have an open attitude are more likely to click with their clients.

Experience as added value

Experience – as in all professions – also turns out to be a great added value for coaches. The more coaching hours on your counter, the better your coaching is fine-tuned. You will learn which conversation techniques work best in which circumstances.

Unique mix of skills

I handle my coachings in a pretty unique way. For each coaching, I choose the most useful elements from the dozens of courses I followed myself. Completely personalized and appropriate to the person sitting in front of me at that moment with a certain problem or obstacle.

It is of course difficult to tell about yourself that you are a good coach. So maybe I’d better let my clients speak:

We often find our destiny
in the path we take to avoid it

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